Heat pump vacuum evaporator in Mono Effect version with immersed plate exchangers.

Heat Pump

The vacuum evaporation and concentration plants of the Single Effect HP ME series are equipped with special heat exchangers, made with special electro-welded plates immersed directly in the product to be treated and positioned in the boiling chamber.

The energy required for evaporation and condensation of the vapours is obtained through the use of Heat Pump technology which, combined with the vacuum present in the boiling chamber, allows considerable energy savings to be achieved.


  • Made of AISI 316 L or special materials for corrosive applications (refer to previous section describing the materials used).
  • Automatic operation 24/24h and valve for sampling of distillate and concentrate without stopping the plant.
  • Automatic discharge of the concentrate, without losing vacuum, by means of a pump controlled by the PLC installed on the plant, with timed operation or by means of the consent provided by the densimeter with which the evaporator can be equipped.
  • Operation with recycling of the treated product in the boiler and possibility of automatic anti-foaming dosage.
  • Visual porthole (equipped with automatic glass washing) to control the internal conditions of the boiling boiler.

    The HP ME CR series is designed to treat particularly corrosive liquids, as in the case of applications aimed at concentrating chromic washes in chromium plating processes. The HP CR plants are similar, in terms of operation, to the HP ME series, but are made with all parts in contact with the effluent using special anti-acid materials, such as exchangers in TITANIUM, SILICON CARBIDE, GRAPHITE and boiling boilers coated with special anti-corrosive resins such as HALAR or BLUE ARMOR.

    Operating diagram for MONO EFFECT heat pump vacuum evaporator
    Indicative table of some of the available models. Other sizes are available and can be realized custom-made.
    HP 25 ME HP 50 ME HP 100 ME HP 150 ME HP 200 ME HP 300 ME HP 400 ME HP 500 ME HP 1000 ME
    Production with water
    600 1.200 2.400 3.600 4.800 7.200 9.600 12.000 24.000
    Electrical power consumption indicative
    4 8 16 24 32 48 64 80 160
    Indicative dimensions
    (l x w x h cm)
    200 x 80 x 220 250 x 110 x 220 270 x 125 x 260 300 x 200 x 280 460 x 200 x 280 460 x 170 x 370 450 x 170 x 400 500 x 250 x 440 600 x 240 x 450