The choice of the most suitable materials for each specific application is of fundamental importance for the construction of a perfect evaporator able to ensure maximum performance with maximum reliability in the long run.

IWE, during the study phase of the most suitable plant for the specific application, in order to guarantee an extreme duration of the plants, makes the best possible choice among high quality materials and components, thanks also to the experience of thousands of applications made by our technicians.

The basic constructive standard foresees plants realized with the use of stainless steel AISI 316 L for the applications with less corrosive possibility, while we use special materials such as DUPLEX (SAF 2205), SUPERDUPLEX (SAF 2507), SILICON CARBIDE, GRAPHITE, TITANIUM and anticorrosive coatings with high thickness with special FLUOROCARBONIC RESINS.

Quality Policy

The IWE S.r.l. Board of Management has implemented a Management System in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015. The Company's core-business is the design and manufacture of evaporators and vacuum concentrators for the treatment of liquid solutions and industrial wastewater.

The Quality Management System is based on risk-based thinking that allows the organization to determine the factors that could generate process deviations and to put in place preventive controls to minimize the negative effects and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market by anticipating trends.

The Quality Policy of IWE S.r.l. has the following strategic objectives:

  • Optimization of financial resources

    The Top Management, as the administrator of a capital company whose purpose is to produce revenues for shareholders and directors, has decided to maintain a Management System as an integral element of the company's business.

  • Quality and value of the organization

    High Management has examined the context, the relevant factors, the needs of stakeholders, the processes and taking into account the risks and opportunities has identified the objectives and indicators relevant to a Management System dropped in the fabric of the organization allowing to increase the quality and value.

  • Product and service conformity based on total quality assurance

    High Management assumes responsibility that the products and services provided meet customer requirements and applicable regulations.

In this perspective, the High Management of IWE S.r.l. is committed to ensure:

  • Leadership

    It establishes at all levels a unity of purpose by creating the conditions to ensure that people are committed to achieving the objectives of the quality established by the organization.

  • People's active participation

    All people must be committed to providing value through motivation, empowerment, recognition of merit and’professional development, and involvement in decision-making based on documented information.

  • The Process Approach

    Managing activities through processes, resources, controls, and interactions enables the’organization to optimize performance.

  • Improvement

    Improvement is a lifelong goal of the organization.
    The optimization of working conditions, through a progressive process, allows you to achieve a better organization of activities and comply with the requirements of safety and respect for the environment and the person.

  • Relation with stakeholders

    A mutually beneficial relationship improves the ability to create value, considering suppliers as partners.

High Management promotes the Quality Policy and ensures that at all levels of the organization it is understood, shared, applied and made available to stakeholders.