IWE Customer Service

The relationship that we want to establish with our customers does not end with the simple purchase of one of our products.
Our will is to support the customer even in the years following the purchase, carrying out through its technical specialists, installation services, start-up, after-sales service, spare parts and compilation of booklets F-GAS.

The after-sales technical assistance service is considered for IWE one of the main keys to acquire and maintain a competitive advantage over competitors. The importance of this service is fundamental, because the satisfaction of our customers, who can benefit from a product that corresponds to their expectations, keeping it in perfect working order over the years, has rewarded IWE with the highest level of loyalty and references.

For IWE, proposing its own after-sales service, is also important to carry out the collection of feedback from its customers, collecting and documenting reports and changes to specific standard features of the various models, aimed at the constant improvement of the products.