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IWE Industrial Waters Evaporators designs and realizes plants for the evaporation of water based solutions, also in ATEX version, and bases its realizations on the precious experience of its technicians that since 1982 produce and install High Energy Efficiency Vacuum Evaporators and Concentrators in many industrial sectors.

In a vacuum situation evaporation takes place at a lower temperature compared to the boiling temperature at atmospheric pressure: this allows to obtain a considerable saving of energy and efficiency of the system.

The danger of fouling of heat exchangers is a real and recurrent problem caused by the deposit of substances with limited solubility.

Conventional immersed coil or shell and tube heat exchangers have an extremely small space between the exchange surfaces, do not allow for easy removal of deposits and create a significant inconvenience in cleaning and maintenance.

IWE has designed innovative heat exchangers with "immersed plate" system characterized by large free spaces between the plates and by a special opening of the evaporation boiler through a quick-opening door instead of the traditional flanged closure.

In this way the cleaning of the exchangers is extremely easy and very quick, drastically limiting the downtime for the restoration of maximum efficiency of the exchangers.





“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...
and save costs!”

Improving the environmental sustainability of industries by combining a significant economic advantage with a more efficient use of water resources

IWE - Industrial Water Evaporators combines technical and design skills with a long experience in the realization and construction of reliable equipment and plants with high technological content.

The result is the realization of a wide range of high performance evaporators with low energy consumption designed "tailor-made" that allow the end user to reduce the costs of disposal and maintenance.

Today IWE is the ideal partner for the application of concrete solutions of Circular Economy, providing industries with unparalleled expertise in resource management to achieve together with its customers exceptional results for the benefit not only of company budgets but also of the environment.