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IWE – Industrial Waters Evaporators was born from the will of a group of technicians, operating in the industry since 1982, to focus on vacuum evaporation technology that is now irreplaceable for many industrial sectors. In IWE, technical and process technical capabilities have come together with a long experience in the realization and construction of reliable equipment and technological facilities. The result is a range of high-tech tailor-made evaporators with several innovative solutions that allow the end user to reduce machine handling and maintenance costs.

IWE designs and manufactures vacuum evaporators and concentrators directly for industrial applications. Not only traditional evaporators but also custom designs tailored to the specific application required. Because efficiency and reliability can only be achieved with the details. Studied and made. For this IWE proposes innovative systems with immersed plate heat exchangers to achieve maximum efficiency thanks to direct exchange on high and easy to clean surfaces. IWE is also the only company that offers an easy boiler opening and closing system with tie rods instead of Flanged joint. Why eliminating machine stopping times and reducing the time of cleaning and operator attendance will result in more economical exercise.